Assignment 7: SumoBot

For the final challenge of class, we will program our mBots to do battle in the SumoBot arena!

Here are the rules and specs:

  1. The arena will be a circle drawn in tape, about 66cm in diameter.
  2. The mBots must have a protective “bumper” in front to prevent damage to the line follower module.
  3. If a bot leaves or is pushed out of the arena (at least one wheel over the line) the opponent wins.
  4. A successful “charge” (robot accelerates and strikes opponent) scores 1 point.
  5. Rounds last 60 seconds or until ring out. A robot that moves after the round loses a point.
  6. In lieu of a ring-out, the robot with the most points wins.
  7. The winner of the previous obstacle course challenge receives a buy in the first round.

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